About us

We founded INPRO M.N.V. Ltd.  in 1992  and already have 20 years of  history. During the years we have developed our experiences, knowledge and  contacts  and we build  a reliable structure directed to purchasing, processing, storage and selling of cereals (barley, wheat, corn etc.) and oleaginous seeds (rapeseed and sunflower seeds). We work with producers – leaseholders, co-operative societies and individual agriculture producers, mainly in the regions we have presence from many years – North-East and Central Bulgaria.

We have contemporary, licensed warehouses with machinery and equipment for processing,  cleaning,  drying, conditioning  and packing of the production, as well as well equipped laboratories for its quality analysis as per Bulgarian and as per international standards.  The activities are managed and executed by people with appropriate skills and education and with longtime experience, able to cope successfully with the professional challenges.

In order to assist the production, we have our own program and developed  structure for pre-financing of some agricultural activities, as well including  deliveries of fertilizers.

Our reliable trade contacts within and outside of the European Union help the trading of the purchased agricultural production mainly on the foreign markets. On the Bulgarian market we work with mills, grain fodders and processing factories.

INPRO MNV Ltd. is licensed as cereals trader as per Bulgarian legislation.